How do I find my most liked photo on Instagram?

What are my most liked Instagram photos of all time?

Well, this app will tell you by ranking all your photos based on the total number of likes.

There is no need to open every photo to find out the total number of likes if you have hundreds of them to look through.

With just a few clicks, you get the information in seconds and save yourself alot of time.

Just click start to begin!


Read the instructions below for more detail

Step 1: To start using this app, on the homepage click on 'Login with Instagram' or 'Login with Facebook' button to allow this app permissions

Step 2: The results are instantly loaded and displayed

Step 3: If you log in with Facebook - Click on one of your Facebook album titles to rank the photos and wait for the results

Advanced Users

Step 1: Open a new tab to Facebook and search for a Facebook Page

Step 2: On the Facebook page, click on 'Photos' and identify an album you will use

Step 3: Click on the album and at the top address bar, copy the album id number

Step 4: Open the tab with this app and paste the album id into the advanced search field

Step 5: Click Go and wait for the results


  • - This app does not post to Facebook or Instagram.
  • - This app does not store/save or share any of your photos.
  • - All photos are ranked in descending order based on the individual number of likes.
  • - Total number of likes are highlighted at the top right corner of a photo
  • - Processing may take long periods depending on the number of photos within the album (i.e. 1000+ photos will take 2 mins or more).
  • - We will be regularly updating this app to fix bugs/issues and add new features, so let us know if you have any suggestions by leaving a comment.
  • - Also Facebook or Instagram may cap the volume of photos if it reaches a certain threshold.